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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you teach across a range of ages and abilities?

Yes, from KS1 up to university level, in a very stimulating and practical way. Since 1992 I have been using relevant artefacts to engage people of all ages and abilities, including the blind.

Can I book half days? Or do more than one period of history in a day?

Yes, but a minimum cost does apply and it is more cost effective to book a full day. When booking your day I will help you explore all your various options.

KS1 sessions are aimed at one class at a time, so two classes could do two half day sessions, or one class could do two half day sessions.

KS2 days can be made up of more than one period of history, but some time is required to change, pack, and unload.

Are you DBS checked?

I am registered online for monthly DBS information for schools to access. I am fully insured, risk assessed, and licenced for explosives and black powder weapons.

Why should we book you?

John has been collecting artefacts since he was 10 years old. Teaching history using artefacts is his passion. He has probably the largest collection of educational artefacts in Europe. He started the business in 1992 and has a wealth of experience. His knowledge is unsurpassed.

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