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Museum Work

Historical Activity Days For Museums

Museum Work: Welcome

We have a massive collection of artefacts for the public to explore, to add to the visitor experience or to help a new exhibition open with a bang.


Enhancing the Visitor Experience

We can come into your museum to display part of our collection, complimenting the artefacts you have on show. The public can touch, handle, and try on. They can begin to understand the development of artefacts through time and gain a greater appreciation of what the museum has to offer, and their local area. We have done this countless times, bringing collections to life throughout the UK and internationally.


Connecting with the Collection

We can look at specific topics such as cookery or medicine, always a firm if gruesome favourite. Or we can tailor a topic specifically for your collection or exhibition.

For example, past displays and demonstrations have focussed on gladiators, the Stone Age, the Trojan War and the Bonze Age collapse, the Romans in East Yorkshire, Anglo Saxons and Tolkien, among many other topics.

We have a vast collection, so whatever you need we can cater for.

Museum Work: Services
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