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Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age

Perhaps our most popular period. These are generally booked as three topics delivered in one day, but we can deliver sessions on each individual time period. Covering over 10,000 years we look at stone tools, the development of pottery, farming, houses, woodwork, burial, stone circles and 'henges', bronze and iron, ending with lots of Celtic helmets and swords and armour. The pupils love the weapons and warfare.

  • Life before metal, using reconstructed and actual Stone Age artefacts and tools

  • Cave art, animals and hunting

  • The development of the landscape

  • Bronze Age, the Beaker People take over

  • Celtic Britain Hill forts and Rounds

  • The British Celts through the eyes of the Greeks and the Romans

  • Weapons, warfare, and Boudicca

  • The coming of the Romans, the end of everything?

Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age: Lessons
Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age: Pro Gallery
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