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Hands On History | Victorian Classroom, Toys, And Trains

The Victorian Classroom, Toys, and Trains

A great opportunity for the pupils to dress up. These are a series of modules based on Victorian schools, traditional toys, and science looking at early trains and steam power. They can be delivered separately or together as part of a Victorian experience.

  • Artefacts and life in Victorian schools

  • The school rules

  • Arranging the classroom

  • Why were boys more important than girls?

  • Chanting, learning to write

  • Traditional toys to play with

  • What are they made of  materials

  • How do they work mechanisms

  • Learning new rules and skills

  • An introduction to Victorian Britain

  • The Queen Empress

  • What changed during the Victorian period?

  • Trains and steam engines see one in action!

Victorian Classroom, Toys, and Trains: Lessons
Victorian Classroom, Toys, and Trains: Pro Gallery
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