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Key Stages 3 and 4

Historical Activity Days For Schools And Museums

KS3/4: Welcome

With access to the latest reports and publications, we present regularly at universities and museums, and can add something special to your plans, both visually stimulating and enhancing your curriculum.


Customized Lessons to Fit Your Needs

Teachers specify a topic and time period, in effect a design brief. We then put together a detailed workshop plan based on these objectives. This will usually involve researching primary evidence and perhaps local history. We will liase with you to make sure our proposals meet your requirements.

We have a massive collection of artefacts and can design a session using appropriate items to enhance our teaching points, bringing your topic to life.



A workshop can bring your topic to life at any time. It can be used to launch a subject or to reinforce learning at the end of a unit.

Generally teachers ask for either

  • a full day aimed at a specific group of students to explore a topic in depth

  • or a series of short workshops aimed a several classes to fit in with the existing timetable


History of Medicine

We concentrate on the development of medicine from the Ancient period to the Early Modern Age. We have a massive collection of artefacts which we can use to bring the topic into sharp focus and engage students' attention. Starting with Prehistory and concentrating on the Greeks and Romans, we can then move to the Anglo-Saxons and their different medical tradition. We can look at continuity and the evolution of medicine in the Medieval period, the Black Death, and the new approaches of the Early Modern Age.


Events, Horses, and More!

We can provide both firing demonstrations and cavalry-based presentations involving horses. Such displays are visually and audibly stunning, but can also be very educational. They have a real impact and the children remeber them for years to come.

We are fully insured and risk assessed, and would be very happy to talk you through the options and the space needed.

KS3/4: Services
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