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World War II - Remembrance

World War Two was always a very popular topic in primary schools, but it was not included as a compulsory topic in the 2014 National Curriculum. However it is still very popular and often combined with local history studies. Rather than teaching just about the home front, schools are now encouraged to take a broader approach and 2019 and 2020 sees major commemorations of the start of WWII, the Battle of Britain, D-Day, Arnhem, and VE Day.

  • How do we learn about the war?

  • The role of your local area in the war

  • Learn from period newspapers and posters

  • The Battle of the Atlantic, code breaking, and rationing

  • One Yorkshire battalion on D-Day

  • Lots of uniforms and helmets to explore

  • The role of Women and the Special Operations Executive (SOE)

  • Evacuation and the Blitz

World War II - Remembrance: Lessons
World War II - Remembrance: Pro Gallery
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